Super Merger

  • Smooth flow
  • Dry hay or silage
  • Sliding drapers
  • Superior pickups
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Improves profitability by lowering production costs!

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Key Features

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Forage quality

The PhiBer Super Merger increases forage quality, crop volume and improves profitability by lowering production costs. This is done through reduced labor, fuel and field traffic and at the same time minimizing leaf loss. The PhiBer Super Merger is designed to pick up the hay and move it across rubber belts instead of dragging or sliding the hay. This allows the producer to reduce the ash content and other foreign materials in the crop, preserving forage intergrity.


Faster drying increases profits

PhiBer understands the importance of managing moisture levels in your forage product. Inverted windrows allow air to travel through our rear draper which increases the speed of drying. Our Super Merger can be used in both wet and dry conditions.


High rear drapers allow hay to be channeled through the inverter chute in a forward direction. This drops the hay down and consistently inverts the bottom to the top. Take the inverters off and merge up to five windrows in to one to maximize forage harvester capacity. This machine is flexible and can adapt to many different needs.

See it in action

For training and walk through videos of other PhiBer machines, visit PhiBer University.

Key Features

Smooth flow

The PhiBer Merger can lay one of the smoothest rows in the industry. PhiBer has paid great attention to detail from the point the windrow enters the pickup to the transition back onto the ground. Every transtion has been studied with the goal to maintain windrow quality and not exagerate lumps in the orginal windrow.

Dry hay or Silage

A unique feature of PhiBer Mergers is the high rear drapers. This allows operators the clearance to install inverter chutes directing your windrows under itself, which greatly reduces drying time. Take the inverter chutes off and merge windrows for forage harvesters. From inverting single rows to merging five rows into one this is truly a versatile machine.

Sliding drapers

The PhiBer Super Merger is the only merger whose rear drapers slide 36”, allowing the operator to choose the perfect windrow placement. This gives many options to merge two to five windrows together while working with windrower widths from 10’ to 18’.

Superior pickups

PhiBer has a unique pickup that uses a one piece belt that bolts together in three sections making a completely sealed pickup. The pickup has a torsion system that allows the pickup to flex and follow the ground while keeping the rollers square for proper tracking.



This model features 96” wide pickups and 48” wide rear drapers.
Each pickup can travel 40” in or out.


This model features 120” wide pickups and 48” wide rear drapers.
Each pickup can travel 16” in or out


Self-Contained Hydraulics

Standard equipment uses the tractor hydraulics to power the merger. An optional hydraulic pump allows tractors with less hydraulic flow to operate our Super Merger. The optional hydraulic pump powers both the belts and functions of the merger. One hydraulic remote set a 5gpm is still required for cooling the hydraulic oil.

Center Draper

A 72” center draper is available for operators working with 15’ or 18’ windrowers and want to merge three rows into one in a single pass. The center draper is also required for merging five rows into one.

Inverter Chutes

Optional inverters are available that clip into the rear drapers. Up to four inverters can be fitted onto the Super Merger.


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