• Uniform packages ready for pickup
  • Fully automatic
  • Run equipment less
  • Protects integrity of bales
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The fastest, most efficient method of stacking and placing square bales!

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Key Features

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Save Time

Picking up pre-stacked bales that match loader capabilities can cut loading time up to 50% over traditional accumulation methods or up to 75% over picking up single bales. This will substantially reduce the amount of time a hay operation spends picking bales. Saving time in an operation translates into saved money. This mainly comes through less depreciated hours on equipment and less labor.

Operator Peace of Mind

Like the generations of accumulators before it, the Stacking Accumulator is fully automatic. The operator can concentrate on the baling process and not worry about the accumulator. The Stacking Accumulator is designed with many fail-safe’s. For instance broken bales or severely misshaped bales are automatically ejected from the accumulator and automatic stacking resumes. Safety lockouts are built into the machine for operator peace of mind.

See it in action

To view training & walk through videos on the PhiBer Vertical Stacking Accumulator, visit PhiBer Univerisity. 

Key Features

Uniform packages ready for pickup

The PhiBer Stacking Accumulator is designed for balers that produce 4′ (120cm) wide bales. Operators can program the Stacking Accumulator to assemble bales two or three high. The stacks are created from the lead end of the bale making uniform packages.


The PhiBer Stacking Accumulator is designed primarily for dry hay applications. The Accumulator is designed to unload in varying speeds from 3 – 13mph. This range can vary depending on a number of conditions. A pause-to-dump feature has been added giving the operator the option to pause unloading while making a turn.


All PhiBer Accumulators are powered using the tractor hydraulics. Unique to PhiBer is the ability to set them up in all three different hydraulic systems, closed center, open center and closed center load sensing.

Operator Friendly Design

The Accumulator is designed so no daily maintenance is required. Part of this design includes many safety features to keep both the operator and machine safe.

How it Works

from the bottom up

A unique feature to the PhiBer Stacking Accumulator is it builds the stack from the bottom. This increases stability in uneven terrain. As the bales enter the accumulator they are lifted from the sides. When the second bale enters the accumulator, it puts the first bale on top of the second bale then lifts both. When the third bale enters the accumulator, it puts both bales on top of the third and the rear tail gate opens and lets the bales rollout.

PhiBer Accumulator App

Connect directly with PhiBer’s knowledgeable team

Planning Mode

Plan ahead. Using GPS, find your current location or specify the location you want to go and create zones where you want bales to be ejected. Zones can be deleted, easily changed and shared with your team seamlessly.

Bale Eject Mode

Automatically eject. Select on the map where you to dump bales and using Wi-Fi, the app will tell the accumulator when to eject.
*some Wi-Fi signals have trouble connecting because the distance between the tractor cab and accumulator is too great. If this is the case, our PhiBer team will help you adapt using the ISOBUS software.

Remote Control Mode

Quick Access. The app can be used as a remote control for any hydraulic function. For service and maintenance, the accumulator can quickly and safely be adjusted into desired position. Additionally, when ejecting the last bale out of the baler, the bale can also be ejected from the accumulator.

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