Triple Cutter

  • widest cutter in the world
  • Increase acres per hour
  • Decrease fuel consumption
  • Available for MacDon & New Holland
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Savings in time, labor and fuel while increasing cutting capacity!

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Key Features

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Save Time, Fuel & labor

The main purpose of the Triple Cutter is to improve efficiency. Because of its large cutting capacity, there is 66% less labor required, on average a 75%-80% savings in fuel consumption and the acreage cut per hour is increased 70%, all while lowering overall capital costs.


The Triple Cutter’s design allows for manoeuvrability and flexibility. Each header can be independently lifted, adjusted or turned from the cab. Producers can customize the angle of each head and those with the MacDon system can also adjust disc speed from their seat.

Key Features

one tractor, three heads

The Triple Cutter Toolbar is designed to carry either 16- to 18-foot New Holland HS sickle headers or 16-foot MacDon R85 disc heads.   One is mounted to the front of the tractor while two pulled from behind, giving a combined cutting width of each pass to 48-54 feet. Making this system the widest in the world.

depreciated hours

Because the sickle system can cut 40 acres of hay or more per hour and the disc system can cut 50-60 acres an hour, your overall acres per hour is increased by up to 70%. This directly effects your depreciated hours, now a third of what they normally would be.

quick dry down

Because the Triple Cutter is a combination of 3 different heads, with each pass, 3 seperate windrows are put down, rather than it being put into one big swath. The 3 seperate rows allow for your cut to dry down quickly.


The toolbar holding the 2 rear heads automatically folds and adjusts vertically to trail behind the tractor, ensuring safe road transport.

See it in action

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