• 4 Minute Fills
  • Spray More, Fill Less
  • 4 Product Separation
  • Many Configuration Options Available
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Dash Models

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Watch the Dash In Action

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Explore Key Features on a 360° Interactive Dash Trailer


Download Brochures & Manuels for More Information


Get a 360° View of Dash Models


Watch the Dash In Action


Explore Key Features on a 360° Interactive Dash Trailer


Download Brochures & Manuals for More Information

Explore Features of the Dash Trailer

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Unique Features of the Dash


Developed to accomplish two primary objectives,

1. Reduce fill times to keep the sprayer spraying.

2. Keep chemicals separated to guarantee chemical efficacy.

The Dash automates chemical mixing and cleaning, reducing the possibility for human error, decreasing the time needed to fill a sprayer, and increasing over all sprayer productivity.


The Dash has two pumps, a high delivery water pump with a 13hp Honda motor, rated at 430 GPM and air diaphragm pump capable of 40 GPM, used for auto rinsing and the agitation of dry products.The separate inductors allow operators to load multiple products for the next sprayer load ahead of time while keeping chemicals separated. After chemicals are loaded and the sprayer attached, the fill and rinse process can be operated from one central location, on the side of the trailer. 

fill process

Once connected to the sprayer, the operator stands at the side of the trailer and pulls handles, each corresponding to an inductor.  As the handle is pulled, two values are open, one at the bottom of the tank, unloading chemicals under suction into the main water stream and a second valve opens a nozzle that rinses the inductor out as it unloads simultaneously. The inductors can unload in approximately 15 seconds. As the rinse finishes, all chemicals are completely washed out of each tank. This ensures all chemicals get into the sprayer and residual chemical buildup in the inductors is prevented.

Based on our testing and customer feedback, the process of loading 4 different chemicals into a 1,200 gallon sprayer will take less than 4 minutes.

Dash 4.0 Center Mount


Speed of Loading

In a time study, it took an average of 4.5 minutes from park brake up to park brake down to fill a 1,200 gal sprayer with 4 different chemicals. The actual loading time was less than 4 minutes. The reduction in sprayer loading time, allowed an additional 320 acres per day, translating to a significant increase in production and depreciation savings..

chemical seperation

The Dash system was designed with multi-chemical tank mixes and chemical effectiveness in mind.  Proper loading order and chemical separation is critical for maximizing effectiveness of each chemical and the Dash system achieves this quickly, accurately, and automatically by introducing chemicals at the proper stream while filling the sprayer. The Dash ensures that you receive the maximum benefit from each product used in the application.

ease of use

The Dash makes loading different chemicals a simple, safe, and seamless process. After loading each chemical into its designated inductor, connect to the sprayer, stand at the side of the trailer, and operate the control levers from one location. 


During operation, each inductor is rinsed with fresh water using a patented rinse nozzle as it unloads, alleviating chemical build up on inductor walls. 

A more extensive, yet still simple, cleaning process is required when changing chemicals. Fill one inductor with the cleaning agent, the rinse pump source is changed to the inductor containing the cleaning agent and then all four inductors are rinsed out. The Dash has a hand-held spray gun which can be used for any type of internal or external cleaning or rinsing. 

From the Field

Customer Testimonials

See it in action

To view training & demonstration videos of the DASH Chemical Mixing & Sprayer Loading System, visit PhiBer Univerisity.

DASH Models

Hover and Click for Interactive Display and Video

2.0 dash


This configuration of the Dash is designed to mount on a flat deck trailer. It has a 95 Gal total storage with 1 65 Gal jug and 1 30 Gal jug. It comes with two pumps, an air diaphragm pump for auto rinsing features and high delivery water pump powered by a 13hp Honda with electric start. See below for accessories.

4.0 dash


This configuration of the Dash is designed to mount on a flat deck trailer. It has a 190 Gal total storage with 2 x 65 Gal jugs and 2 x 30 Gal jugs. It comes with two pumps, an air diaphragm pump for auto rinsing features and high delivery water pump powered by a 13hp Honda with electric start. See below for accessories.

4.0 dash


This configuration of the Dash is designed to mount on the back of a tanker, flat deck trailer or grain box. It has all the same features of the center mount Dash but with a different frame to support a different mounting. This model includes tail/turn lights, flip down work platform and a license plate holder. See below for accessories.

avalaible Accessories

Tote Platform

Designed to mount to the Dash to store totes above inductor tanks and use gravity to fill. No transfer pumps needed, gravity always works on earth. Frees up deck space.

Cage with Tote Platform

Keep pallets of boxes contained while transporting. Load from either end or access from side door. Store totes above on tote platform. Available in 5’ or 6’ high configurations.

Boom Kit

No more lugging heavy hose. Mounts to Dash and has approximately 28’ of total extension. Includes boom cradle and quick release handle. Premium Hose Kit available.


Manage up to 3 tanks with a central fill/draw point. 3” ports configured for high flow. Fill with 3”, 4” or 6” ports.

step kit

Mounts under a step deck and makes getting on and off the deck safe and easy. Includes a grab handle.

working platform

Designed to mount to the Dash 4.0 to improve ergonomic comfort while loading jugs.


Includes hoops for mounting and internal baffles.



Capacity W” x L” x H”
3250 gal 88 x 146 x 79
3750 gal 88 x 146 x 91
4250 gal 88 x 146 x 101

honda Pump

13HP HONDA WITH A 3″ HYPRO PUMP – This motor has electric start and the pump is rated at 400gpm at 10psi.

6.5 HP HONDA WITH A 3″ BANJO PUMP – This reliable pump is rated at 275gpm at 10psi.

Deck Bulkhead

No more tripping over hoses. Transition 3” hoses from above deck to below deck without restricting flow. Easy to orient hoses.

Light Kit

Never work in the dark again. Includes mounting post and two LED flood lights.

Jug Knife Kit

Replace the standard inductor/jug rinse with a jug knife. Includes a patent tank/jug wash nozzle like standard inductors. Can be fitted in all four inductors.

Flow Meter

Allows operators to see total gallons loaded.

Pump mount kit

Includes universal mounting brackets for pump motots and poly fittings.

Auxiliary chemical meter

Meter directly from barrels to totes .5′ or 6′ high configurations.

dry agitator kit

Powered by air and designed to mix heavy rates of dry products into water.

chemical transfer pump

Powered by truck air, Teflon seals, 40gpm.


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