Located in Blumenort, MB, David Grienke, and his team farm their land for their premium value straw product, HealthiStraw, in addition to running a custom baling business, Skyline Harvest. They aim to do 10,000 bales per stacker, per year. David has been relying on Phiber’s Stacking Accumulators and Grabs since 2017 to ensure his operations are done in the most efficient, safe, and consistent way possible.

Before the PhiBer’s stacking accumulator, they ran a dedicated loading tractor for each baler. The tractor would follow the bailer around the field, loading each bale, individually onto a trailer. Knowing there must be a more efficient way to accumulate and load bales, David, called his dealer, Rocky Mountain Equipment, and was introduced to PhiBer’s equipment. After watching PhiBer videos on YouTube, he knew the automated, uniform stack, made possible by ‘Smart Gate Technology” would be revolutionary for his operation.

Upon implementation of their first Stacking Accumulator, they saw three improvements across their two businesses.

  1. Immediately, they were able to eliminate the hours of one employee and the costs associated with running a tractor during harvest. They were able to reassign the employee to other work in the yard, saving them time and labor

2. In regards to their custom baling business, the PhiBer Stacker was a major selling point to their customers. Providing pre-stacked, uniform stacks was a huge differentiator for them and David attributes at least half of all the jobs they’ve secured, to the PhiBer Stacker. He said, “with most customers, a baler is a baler, there is not much difference, but when we can show up with this train of equipment, and the PhiBer stacker on the back, it is a novelty. It helps us secure more business.”

3. The PhiBer Stacker ensures increased safety, due to the uniform, pre-stacked bales. Because each bale is mechanically placed into a uniform stack, the margin for human error in stacking and aligning bales is drastically decreased. This gave David peace of mind and an assurance that he, his employees, and his business were running at optimum efficiency, while not compromising safety.

For David, the PhiBer Stacker has “changed the way they handle bales.” The cost savings associated with removing an employee’s hours and tractor from their harvest, the increase in their productivity, the advantage it gives them in their custom baling business, and the increased safety that is attributed to the uniform, mechanical, pre-stacked bales makes the PhiBer Stacking Accumulator “a non-negotiable” for their operation.